Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition Committee

Chair: Liz Reader,, (775) 220-2270
Members: Leslie Biederman, Susan Howe, Felise Canterini, Lisa Mays

Points Standings

To be considered for year-end division awards, points accrued are subject to:

The "Three Venue" Rule

  • To be eligible for year-end awards in the Hunter or Jumper divisions, the horse must accumulate 10 points and must participate in 3 different venues.
  • To be eligible for year-end awards in the Equitation division, the rider must accumulate 10 points and must participate in 3 different venues.
  • To be eligible for year-end awards in the Walk/Trot and Beginner Rider Equitation divisions, the qualifications are that the horse must be registered with SNHSA, the rider must be a SNHSA member and must participate in three (3) different venues. Criteria for year-end awards are based on points earned versus points available. The rider earns 1 point for every Walk/Trot or Beginner Rider Equitation class he/she completes.

The "Top 10 Shows" Rule

  • A rider who competes in more than 10 shows will only accumulate points from the top 10 performances.

Medals Finals Standings

SNHSA Mini Medal Finals


  1. Jenna McAmis and Allegro BF
  2. Julia Hansen and In the Mist
  3. Jolie Paddock and Gone At Dawn
  4. Laura-Ann Moore and Lucca
  5. Alessandra Smit and Pot of Gold
  6. Daevah Shawk and My Sun Beam


  1. Hunter Beronio and Pickasso
  2. Katie Caldwell and Stag Hunt
  3. Ava Mellum and Osilvia
  4. Hailey Obregon and Yahtzee
  5. Laura-Ann Moore and Poldi 41
  6. Kennedy Kelly and Sugar and Spice
  7. Emily Bennett and Mini Cooper


  1. Leora Chase and Osilvia
  2. Brogan Doolan and Peppermint Smalls
  3. Kate Kassity and Rembrandt
  4. Edith Espinoza and Sunny Side Up
  5. Victoria Hardy and Love and ‘Appiness
  6. Emily Bennett and Mini Cooper


  1. Alexandra Rush and Windhoek
  2. Susan Desrosiers and Nestles Choklate Bar
  3. Anita Good and Puzzled


  1. Olivia Collins and Poldi 41
  2. Michelle Mercogliano and Papillon
  3. Emily Rye and Blue Jeans
  4. Isabella Barkman and My Honey Bun
  5. Will MacLean and Trebuchet
  6. Gotz Sennhenn and Osolace
  7. Ashlyn Nelson and Premier
  8. Elyse Welch and Saving Grace


  1. Shelley Evans and Rolling River
  2. Bradlee Berk and Kiltealy Brave
  3. Isabelle Kronenberg and Surf’s Up
  4. Julianna Osmetti and Sunny J
  5. McKenna Owen and Saving Grace
  6. Stephanie Powell and Argent
SNHSA JR/AM Medal Finals


  1. Sierra Giesler and How Sweet It Is
  2. McKenna Owen and Espoir D'usance RW
  3. Aimee LaFayette and Lord Royale DS
  4. Victoria Hardy and Classy Cash Flow


  1. Leslie Biederman and Udo
  2. Sierra Geisler and How Sweet It Is
  3. Julianna Osmetti and Edesa’s Iggy Pop
  4. Tiffany Coury and Moonlight Sonata
  5. Victory Hardy and Classy Cash Flow
  6. Grace Gerberry and Romeo
  7. Brogan Doolan and In the Mist


  1. Will MacLean and Coconut Key
  2. Emily Rye and The Art Connection
  3. Olivia Collins and Poldi 41
  4. Leslie Biederman and Cartireno
  5. Julianna Osmetti and In the Mist
  6. McKenna Owen and Viking


  1. Hayley Haas and Weltino B
  2. Shelley Evans and Rolling River
  3. Olivia Collins and Poldi 41
  4. McKenna Owen and Wonderhall
  5. Lindsey Larson and Van Gogh
  6. Ananda Moore and Hope For the Best
  7. Emily Rye and Midknight Dancer
  8. Ashlyn Nelson and Premier


  1. Adrianna Osmetti and Godfrey
  2. Alli Christy and Moonlight Sonata
  3. Sarah Smith and Windhoek
  4. Nicole Roberts and Jersey Girl
  5. Leslie Biederman and Cartireno
  6. Tessa Ting and Audiheir 3
  7. Tiffany McCormack and Wonderhall
  8. Natalie Pfeifle and Go Marching


  1. Sarah Osborne and Vienna
  2. Leslie Biederman and Cartireno
  3. Hayley Haas and Cavalier’s Flight
  4. Emelia Espinosa and Magic
JR/AM Challenge Cup Winners


  1. Talls and Smalls: Felise Canterini and Anything But Ordinary and Cynthia Almlie and Boomtown; Chef D'Equipe - Liz Reader
  2. Fast & Furious: Christina Cacciao and Trip the Wire, Hailey Childers and Apollo MR, and Cadence Lacroix and Denim; Chef D'Equipe - Liz Reader
  3. Babes on Bays: Ally Smit on Pot of Gold and Jenna McAmis on Allegro BF; Chef D'Equipe - Liz Reader


  1. The Bays Buy In: Jenna Rowan on Boomtown and Nicole Reel on Stella Vega; ; Chef D'Equipe - Liz Reader
  2. The Triwizard Champions: Veronica Klein and Zilliam Rose, Samantha Scott and Bellatrix L'Strange and Tessa Ting and Lady Amalthea; Chef D'Equipe - Madchen Giesler


  1. Three of a Kind: Jenna Rowan on Boomtown, Lexie Conrow on Cantabria and Chanlee Harvey on Anything But Ordinary; Chef D'Equipe - Liz Reader.
  2. We BE Fast: Tiffany McCormack on Cassuer De Prix, Adrianna Osmetti on Aspen LS and Julianna Osmetti on In the Mist; Chef D'Equipe - Wendy Brownlee
  3. Safari Club: Naima Valentin on The Chestnut Special, Tiffany McCormack on Exceptional and Elyse Welch on Saving Grace; Chef D'Equipe - Erin Serafini
  4. Nevada Equestrian: Ally Sohl on The Big Squish, Jordan Bader on Kiss Me I'm Irish and Keighley Bader on Tilburg; Chef D'Equipe - Brittany O'Bryant
  5. One Horse, Two Horse, Red Horse, Blue Horse: Sarah Ross on Steel Breeze, Elyse Welch on Rose' and Samantha Scott on Rohan; Chef D'Equipe - Erin Serafini
Pro/Jr-Am Speed Derby Winners


  1. Bonnie & Clyde: Annelise Appleseth on Evening Star and Christina Cacciao on Trip the Wire
  2. Gen Eq: Cadence Lacroix on Denim and Liz Lacroix on Derringer
  3. What's a Half Halt?: Ally Smit on Pot of Gold and Liz Reader on Fashionably Late
  4. The B Boys: Jenna McAmis on Allegro BF and Liz Reader on Anything But Ordinary.

Year-end Trophies

Pollywog Memorial Award
The Pollywog Memorial Award is given to the overall high point Hunter/Jumper pony. The award was donated by the Fisler family in memory of their pony, Pollywog.

  • 2018 – Mini Cooper
  • 2017 – Mini Cooper
  • 2016 – Sunny Side Up
  • 2015 – Surf’s Up
  • 2014 – My Honey Bun
  • 2013 – Love and ‘Appiness
  • 2012 – My Honey Bun
  • 2011 – Speak of the Devil

Co-Star Memorial Trophy
The Co-Star Memorial Trophy is awarded to the horse and rider combination with the most points in Special Hunters, Low Hunters, and Children's/Adult Amateur Hunters. The trophy began in the 1990s in memory of Co-Star, a quarterhorse ridden by Donna Boger in the SNHSA Hunter division many years ago.

  • 2018 – California BF - Liz Reader
  • 2017 – California BF - Liz Reader
  • 2016 – Moonlight Sonata - Alli Christy
  • 2015 – Blue Sky’s A Fallin’ - Lisa Mays
  • 2014 – Friday’s Child - Margo Markl
  • 2013 – Monticito - Landess Witmer
  • 2012 – Friday’s Child - Margo Markl
  • 2011 – Friday’s Child - Margo Markl
  • 2010 – Devlin Diskeyes - Jenny Mix
  • 2009 – Artful Alchemy - Lauren Raggio
  • 2008 – Gold Rush - Kelsey Thoms
  • 2007 – First Impression - Callie Tomlinson
  • 2006 – Love and ‘Appiness - Callie Tomlinson
  • 2005 – Chili’s Love - Landess Witmer
  • 2004 – Knock Your Socks Off - Laura Tanguay
  • 2003 – Bewitched - Brittany Henson
  • 2002 – Right My Way - Christine Jorst
  • 2001 – Bewitched - Brittany Henson
  • 2000 – My Buddy - Amanda Davis
  • 1999 – Luminaire - Amanda Judge
  • 1998 – Secretarial Pool - Erica Sander
  • 1997 – Nick of Time - Lindsey Burrows
  • 1996 – Co-Star - Donna Boger

Shana Eriksson Memorial Trophy
The Shana Eriksson Memorial Trophy is awarded to the high point rider in Equitation 14-17. The trophy was donated around 2002-03 by the Eriksson family in memory of their daughter, Shana Eriksson.

  • 2018 – Grace Gerberry
  • 2017 – McKenna Owen
  • 2016 – Hayley Haas
  • 2015 – Sarah Smith
  • 2014 – Sarah Osborne
  • 2013 – Ashley Robinson
  • 2012 – Colbie Chinowsky & Celeste Barnaby
  • 2011 – Kelsey Thoms
  • 2010 – Emma Bockius
  • 2009 – Jenny Mix
  • 2008 – Alyssa Wichman

Chili Cup Trophy
The Chili Cup Trophy is awarded to the Adult Amateur rider over the age of 18 with the most points overall. The award was donated by Landess Witmer in memory of her thoroughbred mare, Chili's Love.

  • 2018 – Rachel Rombardo
  • 2017 – Jenna Rowan
  • 2016 – Landess Witmer
  • 2015 – Lisa Mays
  • 2014 – Shelley Evans
  • 2013 – Margo Markl
  • 2012 – Landess Witmer
  • 2011 – Shayla Zeal
  • 2010 – Jamie Allison
  • 2009 – Chelsea Ghidossi

Zephyr Farms Perpetual Trophy
The Zephyr Farms Perpetual Trophy was donated by Laurie Alden in 2016 and is dedicated to the high point Junior/Amateur Medal rider.

  • 2018 – Grace Gerberry
  • 2017 – Leslie Biederman
  • 2016 – Hayley Haas

Jennifer Jo Smith Memorial Trophy
The Jennifer Jo Smith Memorial Trophy, begun in the 1990s, is awarded to the Mini Medal high point Champion and Reserve Champion for Mini Medal points earned throughout the year.

  • 2018 – Laura-Ann Moore, Champion, and Emily Bennett, Reserve Champion
  • 2017 – Brogan Doolan, Champion, and Emily Bennett, Reserve Champion
  • 2016 – Alexandra Rush, Champion, and Susan Desrosiers, Reserve Champion
  • 2015 – Elyse Welch, Champion, and Isabelle Kronenberg, Reserve Champion
  • 2014 – Bradlee Berk, Champion, and Shelley Evans, Reserve Champion
  • 2013 – Sarah Smith, Champion, and Keighley Bader, Reserve Champion
  • 2012 – Lily Sloan, Breanna Roberts AND Colbie Chinowsky, Champions, and Sophie Kim, Reserve Champion
  • 2011 – Rachel Roberts, Champion, and Alyssa Wichman, Nicole Roberts, AND Samantha Welsh, Reserve Champions
  • 2010 – Lauren Raggio, Champion, and Katie Daw, Reserve Champion
  • 2009 – Audrey Norrell, Champion, and Sarah Osborne, Reserve Champion
  • 2008 – Kelsey Thomas, Champion, and Sarah Osborne AND Emma Bockius, Reserve Champions
  • 2007 – Tareyn Ryan AND Kelsey Thomas, Champions, and Jenny Mix, Reserve Champion
  • 2006 – Sue Halliburton, Champion, and Alyssa Wichman, Reserve Champion
  • 2005 – Jeanette Robb, Champion, and Julia Bjorkman, Reserve Champion
  • 2004 – Aneill Fisler, Champion, and Elaine Drakulich, Reserve Champion
  • 2003 – Angela Tapogna, Champion, and Annie Roach, Reserve Champion
  • 2002 – Camilla Jorst, Champion, and Emily Sullivan, Reserve Champion
  • 2001 – Chelsea Ghidossi, Champion, and Sara Garfinkle, Reserve Champion
  • 2000 – Jessica Colbert, Champion, and Erin Ostby, Reserve Champion
  • 1999 – Madchen Giesler, Champion, Sara Garfinkle, Reserve Champion
  • 1998 – Nancy Burrows, Champion, Jaimie Lucas, Reserve Champion

SNHSA Ricky Evans Sportsmanship Trophy
In 2014, SNHSA started the tradition of recognizing an individual, junior, amateur or professional who exemplifies high-quality horsemanship, sportsmanship and integrity in our sport. The second honoree was Shelley Evans and to carry forward the legacy, she donated this perpetual trophy in 2016 to SNHSA to honor all of the great horsemanship, sportsmanship, and friendships within our association.

For those who might not know, Reno lost two of its “greats” in 2018... Shelley moved out of state to pursue another career opportunity and to be closer to family; and sadly, her beloved horse Ricky died this year after an unexpected accident. When riding Ricky, Shelley always had a contagious smile. She was instrumental in bringing joy and friendship to our equestrian community and such an amazing role model for all of us. With that sentiment in our hearts, the Board of Directors decided to rename this trophy in honor of them both. Thank you, Shelley and Ricky for shining your light on our equestrian community.

Any SNHSA member may nominate a fellow member for consideration of the trophy by submitting a nomination application by the end of December, early January.

  • 2018 – Julianna Osmetti
  • 2017 – Leslie Biederman
  • 2016 – Wendy Brownlee
  • 2015 – Shelley Evans
  • 2014 – Adrianna Osmetti

Fact of Life Memorial Trophy
The Fact of Life Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the horse and rider combination with the most points overall in the Optimum Time Jumper divisions (Kindergarten, Puddle and Pre-Training). The trophy was donated in 2018 by Pair of Aces Stables and is open to all Junior and Amateur riders.

  • 2018 – Jenna Rowan and Boomtown

Balance Point Trophy
The Balance Point Trophy is awarded annually to the horse and rider combination with the most points overall in all Jumper divisions which are not mandatory optimum time (Levels 1-5 and Low Child/Adult Amateur Jumpers). The trophy was donated in 2018 by Balance Point Training and is open to Junior and Amateur riders.

  • 2018 – Jenna Rowan and Boomtown

Year-end Awards Banquet Programs