Clinics, Horse Shows & Events

Clinics, Horse Shows & Events

POA sm logoPair of Aces Horse Show - Oct. 7-8, 2023

Hosted at The Historic Silver Circle Ranch, 3400 Holcomb Ranch Lane, Reno, NV 89511

2023 SNHSA Health Declaration Form (This form must be filled out and signed for all horses brought to the show facility. Bring the form to the show registration office.)

FILLABLE Health Declaration Form pdf (Save to device, type in information, save, then print or email)

SNHSA Pigeon Fever Policy

Equine Disease Communication Center Pigeon Fever Fact Sheet  

Bio-security measures that attendees must observe:
  1. Complete a 360-degree check of your horse for 3 days before the competition date, checking for any swelling, open sores, scabs, pus, or wounds
  2.  On the day of the event, create a spray bottle with diluted bleach spray and pick your horse’s feet before entering the trailer, then spray their hooves with the bleach spray.
  3. Stop enroute to the event do a "fly-check” to make sure you are not carrying any flies with you from your facility to the host facility.
  4. If you live at, are neighboring, or have recently visited an infected facility, do not attend the show. There is a chance of carrying flies or dirt from the infected facility to the host facility

Prize List and Registration form pdf

FILLABLE Registration Form and Prize List pdf (Save to device, type in information, save, then print or email)

Vaccination proof in past 6 months is required to enter the property. Please email proof to [email protected] when registering