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SNHSA Objectives

SNHSA Objectives

1. To provide a forum representing the best interest of horses and exhibitors in SNHSA equestrian competitions and all members of the SNHSA.

2. To promote quality schooling (and rated) equestrian competitions throughout Northern Nevada, including year-end championship awards.

3. To make adequate and fair rules governing SNHSA competitions and to enforce them for the common benefit.

4. To assign dates to all competitions recognized by the Association.

5. To provide educational activities and sponsor special equestrian programs.

SNHSA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We count on sponsorships, memberships, donations and participation in the local horse show community to provide a fun and healthy sport to our membership. Please consider contributing tax-deductible donations toward member education, year-end awards, sponsorship or the Northern Nevada Horse and Fire Fund.

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Board of Directors

The SNHSA officers and directors serve to effectively accomplish the duties and goals of the association.  Directors are required to attend all board meetings, chair or co-chair a committee, and to steward at least one show annually.

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Board of Directors

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