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Member Communication & Outreach Committee

Chair: Susan Howe,, 775-750-6475
Members: Elizabeth Lacroix, Annelise Appleseth, Christina Brennan, Maguire Lessard

Beginning Sept. 3, SNHSA members, friends and relatives can order SNHSA logowear!

To shop, go to this link: A Sign Shop or and click on the SNHSA logo.

There will be at least three ordering opportunities or shopping windows this season, with delivery made at three upcoming horse shows. A Christmas order opportunity will also be available with pickup and delivery options through Outreach Committee board members. The first order opportunity/window is open now until midnight, Sept. 30. Orders placed by the Sept. 30 deadline will be delivered at the Franktown Meadows Jumper and Equitation Horse Show, Oct. 10.

SNHSA is offering a few items for the first week with more items, youth clothes, and/or color options added in the futures. 

Delivery dates and locations:

  1. Order 1 window – from 9/3 to 9/30 with delivery at the Franktown Meadows Jumper and Equitation Horse Show, Oct. 10. See Maguire Lessard for your merchandise at the show!
  2. Order 2 window – from 10/5 to 10/29 with delivery at the Ironwood Events Center show, Nov. 7. See Susan Howe for merchandise pickup at the show.
  3. Order 3 window – from 11/1 to 11/30 for Christmas delivery by contacting committee members, Susan Howe, Maguire Lessard or Christina Brennan to arrange pickup.

Questions or Suggestions?  Contact Maguire Lessard at maguirelessard1998@gmail.comor 530-277-4209.

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