SNHSA Show Surveys

SNHSA Show Surveys

Win 3 free benefit classes by filling out our surveys!

As SNHSA members, your input is very important to us. We are interested in any issues concerning our organization, the prizes offered, the information we disseminate, the rules, etc. Surveys offer a way to tell us what we are doing right OR what we might be doing wrong!

All feedback is requested, whether positive or negative. Your responses will be shared with the board to assist in future planning, however, your contact information will not be shared with show managers or Board members if you check the box for anonymity. We request your name and a valid email address on the survey, but. the SNHSA secretary is the only person who will have the contact information.


There are two surveys: 2024 SNHSA General Satisfaction Survey and 2024 SNHSA Show Evaluations (stay tuned, we are getting the surveys ready for publication)

At the 2023 Year-End Awards Banquet, Jan. 13, 2024, three lucky people each won 3 FREE classes for the SNHSA 2024 Hunter-Jumper-Equitation Benefit shows for filling out at least one of our SNHSA Surveys!

At the 2024 SNHSA Year-End Awards, three lucky people will also win 3 FREE classes for the SNHSA 2025 Hunter-Jumper-Equitation Benefit Weekend Show just for filling out at least one of our 2024 SNHSA surveys! The more Show Evaluation surveys completed, the better your chance at winning, as each completed 2024 Show Evaluation Survey provides one raffle chance. With 14 scheduled shows for the 2024 season, each person could earn 14 raffle chances from show evaluations. A completed 2024 General Satisfaction Survey will also earn a person one chance. In all, 15 total chances can be earned!

Surveys must be completed by noon, Dec. 1, 2024 to be considered for the raffle. Surveys can be completed after Dec. 1, but they won't be considered for the raffle.

2024 General Satisfaction Survey