SNHSA Board-Jaclyn Dunt

J Dunt

Board Member 2021-present
Funding & Sponsorship Chair

Jacki joined the SNHSA Board in 2021 and rides at Breakaway Farms. Originally from Reno, she recently moved back after living in Santa Barbara for seven years.

Holding a business management degree with a minor in sociology, Jacki is the marketing director at Unravel Labs and co-founder of, an online marketing service for equestrians.

“I love helping businesses of all sizes grow through strategic digital marketing.”

“My goal is to grow support for the local horse show community and encourage new members to join and further their education.”

Jacki began her equestrian life early on. “I got my first pony when I was 2 years old and learned to jump at five. I had the horse girl bug from the moment I could talk! Though I have had many winning moments in the show ring, I love keeping my horses in my backyard and nothing beats walking out in the morning to feed and being greeted by them.”

Jacki started her Board career chairing the Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee, already running two very successful Year-End Award Fundraising campaigns. This year, the Board held its first Live Auction at the Banquet this year and the new venture was a success!

“I’m very proud to have launched the new Live Auction at the banquet this year! I look forward to giving my time and lending any expertise I can to the local horse show community who helped me develop my love for horses and competition throughout my childhood.”